The services we have available are:
(All $ prices USD; PD$ is the virtual forum currency).

  • phpBB Installation – We will install the latest version of phpBB (3.0.7-PL1) at your website.
    • Status: Online
    • Cost: $6 or PD$ 300
    • NOTE: This does not include forum setup. All we do is install it.
  • phpBB Update – We will update your phpBB forum to the latest version of phpBB (3.0.7-PL1) at your website.
    • Status: Online
    • Cost: $6 or PD$ 300 (with MODs to update), or $3 or PD$ 175 (for a vanilla forum)
  • MOD Installation – We will install the latest version of any phpBB MOD onto your website.
    • Status: Online
    • Cost: $6 or PD$ 300 (or $3 or PD$ 175 for a MOD created by us)
  • phpBB Converter – We will convert your current forum to the latest version of phpBB (3.0.7-PL1).
    • Status: Online
    • Cost: $6 or PD$ 300
  • Style Installation – We will install a style onto your site. NOTE: Contact a styles team member if you are interested in a custom style.
    • Status: Online
    • Cost: $6 or PD$ 300
    • Cost With MODs to add to the style: $12 or PD$ 400
  • Web Site Development
  • Custom MOD – david will make a MOD to suit your forums needs.
    • Status: Offline
    • Cost: Varies based on complexity and deadline, among other things.
    • Additional Notes: david will be completing these one at a time. Depending on the complexity of the request and the amount of time I have to work on it, this service may go offline for weeks at a time.
      This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Order Instructions
To request a service, begin a new topic in the Services Request forum.

BEFORE requesting a service, please read the following post in its entirety. We are not responsible for any trouble that may arise due to the failure on your part to read this post. If you need clarification on any point below, please contact david via PM.

To view the available services, please click “Services” in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen.

Service team members have the right to approve or deny your request for any reason, and all decisions are final. If you have a problem with it, PM david and we’ll go from there.

Your request will be instantly denied if you do not meet the minimum requirements for the requested service (i.e. if you are paying with PD$ and do not have the required amount of PD$ at the time of the request).

If you are repeatedly denied for the same reason, you may be banned from requesting services.
Before you request a service, you must have reached the minimum requirements for that service. Requirements/Cost is found in the table on the Services page. Costs/Requirements are subject to change without warning, but cost/requirement changes will only apply to services requested AFTER changes are made.

Payment Information
For purchasing a service with real money (not PD$), please PM the staff member for information. The staff member will make an arrangement about payment and such.

Donations made to separately to these services are NON-refundable, and CANNOT be used toward a service. They are SEPARATE.

If you have any further questions about payment or costs, please PM david.

When posting your request, please use the following template, along with any applicable ones beneath:
CODE: SELECT ALL[b]Name of Service:[/b]
[b]Method of Payment:[/b] (Either real cash or forum PD$)
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Forum URL:[/b]

Include the following for MOD installation:
[b]MOD Author:[/b]
[b]MOD Release Topic URL:[/b]
[b]MOD Version to be installed:[/b]

Include the following for phpBB updating:
CODE: SELECT ALL[b]Your Current phpBB Version:[/b]
[b]MODs You Have Installed:[/b] (Please include as many as you can, since some of these might cause conflicts with updating)

Include the following for Style installation:
CODE: SELECT ALL[b]Style Name:[/b]
[b]Style Author:[/b]
[b]Style Release Topic URL:[/b]
[b]Are there MODs on your forum that need to be added to the style once installed?[/b] (Yes/No)

Include the following for Custom MOD Request:
CODE: SELECT ALL[b]MOD Description:[/b] (Be as detailed as possible, but we can talk more later)
[b]MOD Suggested ETA/Deadline:[/b]
[b]Forum to be installed on:[/b]
[b]MODs to integrate with:[/b] (e.g. add a portal block, use cash system, etc. -- This will increase the price!)

*Note that due to time restrictions, I may not be able to complete all requests by the deadline. If this becomes an issue, I may consider lowering the cost depending on how long past the deadline it is.

Privacy Policy/Use of Collected Information
Further information will be requested and provided by the staff member responsible for completing your service. If you feel uncomfortable disclosing certain requested personal information, you may opt to not provide it. However, some information is needed to ensure the accountability and liability of the staff member responsible for completing your requested service, so if certain information is not provided, the staff member is entitled to decline performing the service.

All personal information collected in order to complete the service will be kept private forever. We will NEVER give up or sell any personal information we gather from these services. However, we may keep some of the information documented on record in case of any potential but unexpected issues that might arise. Private information will only be disclosed to the proper authorities and only if it is requested.

When you request a service that requires access to your admin account, database account, or FTP account, login information may be stored on the staff member’s computer and PM box. It will not be kept after the service has been completed without your express permission, unless you are going to be requesting multiple services, which will save time.
However, it is still STRONGLY suggested that you change your password before giving it to the staff member, especially if it is a password used commonly by you on other sites, and then once again after we complete the service or services. We will not provide this information for free or for any amount of money to any 3rd party aside from the proper authorities (if asked).
If you suspect foul play by the team member who is completing your service, please contact david directly and the matter will be handled appropriately.

The above text is subject to be changed and added to at the staff’s discretion. We will try to post a notice notifying you of a change in the text, but we are not required to. It is your responsibility to read this before requesting a service. Failure to do so will result in your request possibly being denied.